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What career opportunities exist for graduates in Psychology?

Psychology graduates have a wide range of career options open to them, and there is a broad range of settings within which psychological training can be applied. The research, interpersonal and environmental awareness, information-finding and other skills that Psychology teaches students, can be applied in a variety of occupations, many of which do not necessarily require further postgraduate studies. These include community development, market research, public and mental health, human resource management, pastoral and school counselling, programme administration, public relations, research, policy development and analysis, and training and consultation.

What other subjects make good combinations with psychology?

Since the basis for human behaviour is biological, psychology combines well with biology, biochemistry, zoology, nutrition and genetics. In addition, human action exists in a social context and here sociology, history, human geography and politics intersect with Psychology. Psychologists are also interested in language, creative thought and reason, and so psychology combines well with literature, language, philosophy, ethics, fine art and drama courses. People wishing to train as researchers may also find courses in mathematics, computers and statistics useful.

Can i take psychology even if i’m not registered for an arts or social science degree?

Psychology is unusual in that it can be taken as either a major or single courses, within any degree. Science students studying Zoology, for example, find that Psychology gives insights into animal behaviour, while Commerce and Law students find it deepens their understanding of human behaviour, including consumer and work behaviours. Psychology adds evidence to support the assumptions about human nature that Humanities students gain from subjects such as English, Philosophy and Drama Studies. Lastly as one of the key Social Sciences, Psychology forms a core part of the curriculum of most Social Science students. If you are unsure of your subject choices, make an appointment with a member of staff in the School of Psychology to discuss your future plans.

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