Studies Overview

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses

Undergraduate courses are open to all students. They are designed to make up a disciplinary major in a general degree in psychology, a structured degree in psychology, as well as stand-alone modules covering material relevant to a wide range of degrees and programmes.

First year modules

The first year courses, PSYC 101* (Introduction to Psychology A) and PSYC 102* (Introduction to Psychology B) are taught through three or four lectures a week. Each course is assessed through continuous assessment test-exams, including multiple choice and written paragraph questions. Topics covered include: Thinking, Perception, Biological Psychology, Community Mental Health, Organisational Psychology, Social Psychology, Intelligence, Health and Stress, Child and Adult Development, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychological Research.

Senior undergraduate modules (Levels 200/300)

  • PSYC 201 Introduction to Research* (16 CP)
  • PSYC 204 Educational Applications of Psych (16 CP) Not offered in 2020
  • PSYC 222 Child and Adolescent Psychology (16 CP)
  • PSYC 209 African & International Perspectives (16 CP)
  • PSYC 223 Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations (16 CP)
  • PSYC 301 Measurement, Experiment & Observation* (16 CP)
  • PSYC 304 Psychology of Health & Illness (16 CP)
  • PSYC 306 Psychology and the Law (16 CP) Not offered in 2020
  • PSYC 318 Psychology in Education (16 CP)
  • PSYC 345 African Psychology (16 CP)

* Compulsory modules for a major in psychology

Psychology Honours

This is an academically intensive year, covering a range of both theoretical and applied courses, and including the completion of a research project. Arrangements can be made for multidisciplinary Honours degrees, combining Psychology with other disciplines. Selection for Honours is based on academic merit, and students with an Upper Second Class pass are more likely to be successful applicants.

Professional training as a psychologist

The Discipline is one of the leading professional training centres in the country and offers postgraduate qualifications, including supervised practice, leading to registration as a Psychologist with the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Competition for entry to these training courses is fierce and admission is by a multi-factored selection process.

Masters and doctoral degrees by research

The Discipline offers postgraduate degrees by research in areas of specialization of the staff.

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