Discipline of Psychology

Professional Psychology Master’s Degrees

Professional Psychology Master’s Degrees

Coursework Masters degrees in psychology (Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Research)

The Discipline of Psychology on the Pietermaritzburg Campus offers the following Masters Degrees by coursework:

To apply for the professional psychology master’s degrees in clinical, counselling, educational, or research psychology in 2021 on the UKZN Pietermaritzburg campus, follow the instructions below. Applications close by 12h00 on 25th September 2020. Contact Ms Priya Konan for enquiries – email only konan@ukzn.ac.za

Please note:

  • With the exception of the Industrial and Research Psychology programmes, students may only apply to ONE of the Clinical, Counselling, or Educational Psychology programmes on ONE site (i.e., Pietermaritzburg OR Howard College) in an application cycle.
  • Applications made for more than one of either Clinical, Counselling, or Educational Psychology, and/or on more than one site will result in all applications submitted by that candidate being disqualified.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that their application has been received and whether they have been shortlisted for the selection process.

Applicants for the professional psychology master’s degrees in clinical, counselling, educational, and research psychology on the UKZN Pietermaritzburg campus should complete three forms:
1. Click on the following link to the Discipline of Psychology application form Discipline of Psychology Application Form 2021. Once completed, sign and save as pdf, and then email to Ms Konan (konan@ukzn.ac.za) before 12h00 on 25th September 2020.
2. Click on the following link to Discipline of Psychology online application form, to be completed before 12h00 on 25th September 2020. https://forms.gle/gm8W6Wy52npaF8SV9 to complete the online form for the clinical, counselling, or educational psychology programme.

Click on the following link https://forms.gle/H3rhEV6GRBQ9EN6ZA to complete the online form for the research psychology programme.

3. Then click on the following link to UKZN postgraduate application form UKZN Psychology Application for Postgraduate Admission. Once
completed, sign and email to Ms Konan (konan@ukzn.ac.za) before 12h00 on
25th September 2020.

The 2021 Application fee for South African students is R200.00 (SADC countries, R470; Other countries, US $146). Proof of payment must accompany application.

There is considerable competition for admission to these qualifications. Preference is given to students with good academic results, and to those proficient in an African language.

Various forms of financial assistance may be available on application from UKZN including scholarships and bursaries. See University of KwaZulu-Natal bursaries: http://studentfunding.ukzn.ac.za

Various Masters Degrees are offered on the Howard College (Durban) and Pietermaritzburg campuses of UKZN (Please see table below). Note that programmes on each campus vary. 

Students are invited to apply for admission to any of the programmes listed in the table below:

Name of Qualifications Campus Closing dates Interview Dates
Clinical PsychologyDurban & Pietermaritzburg25th Sep 2020TBA
Counselling PsychologyDurban & Pietermaritzburg25th Sept 2020TBA
Educational PsychologyPietermaritzburg25th Sept 2020TBA
Research PsychologyPietermaritzburg25th Sept 2020TBA
Industrial/Organisational PsychologyDurban25th Sept 2020 
Health PromotionDurbancontact 031-2603341 
Psychology & Society (by Dissertation only)Durbancontact 031-2603341 
Research Ethics (SARETI)Pietermaritzburgcontact 033-2606162 Not offered in 2020.

Documents for registered masters students

Students registered for masters degrees in the Discipline of Psychology will find the following documents useful:

Contact Us

Details of programmes Application forms can be found and downloaded at: https://psychology.ukzn.ac.za

Research Ethics (SARETI) masters details at http://sareti.ukzn.ac.za/

Pietermaritzburg Campus:

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School of Applied Human Sciences, Discipline of Psychology

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Telephone: +27(0)33 260 5549

Email: Konan@ukzn.ac.za