Professional Psychology Master’s Degrees

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The Clinical/Counselling/Educational/Industrial/Research Psychology Master’s Degree Programme run by the Discipline of Psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The Clinical and Counselling Psychology master’s degree programmes are offered on both the Howard College (HC) and Pietermaritzburg (PMB) Campuses. The Educational and Research Psychology master’s degree programmes are only offered on the PMB Campus, and the Industrial Psychology master’s degree programme is only offered on the HC Campus.

Restriction on Applications

In each application cycle, applicants can only submit ONE application for any of the following five programmes:

Applicants may therefore only apply for one of the above five programmes in an application cycle. In other words, with the exception of the Industrial and Research Psychology programmes, students may only apply to ONE of the Clinical, Counselling, or Educational Psychology programmes on ONE site (i.e., PMB OR HC) in an application cycle. Applications made for more than one of the above five programmes will result in all applications submitted by that candidate being disqualified. If an applicant is applying for more than one programme (where permissible: e.g., Clinical Psychology and Industrial Psychology), the applicant must complete separate applications for each programme.

Application forms, Closing Dates, and Queries

Applicants should complete an “online biographical form” (see links below), using their Gmail account. The online biographical form can only be completed once. Applicants should also complete a “Discipline of Psychology Application Form 2022”, and a “UKZN Psychology Application for Postgraduate Admission form.” The latter form is only available in pdf format and both forms can be downloaded from or

Because applicants need to upload their completed “Discipline of Psychology Application Form 2022”, and completed “UKZN Psychology Application for Postgraduate Admission form,” they should work on finalising these two application forms before starting the online biographical form. The completed “Discipline of Psychology Masters Application Form 2022” and “UKZN Psychology Application for Postgraduate Admission” form should be saved in pdf format and not exceed 10MB each. Forms not in pdf format or exceeding 10MB will not be accepted for upload to the online portal.

When they are ready, applicants should click on the following links to finalise their applications for:

Should an application be successful, the applicant will be required to provide either Ms Ntuli or Ms Konan with the original certified copies of relevant documents before they will be permitted to register in 2022. Application queries should be directed to the relevant administrator on the campus applicants re applying at (i.e., Ms Ayanda Ntuli [] on the HC Campus OR Ms Priya Konan [] on the PMB Campus).

Application fees

Applications must be accompanied by an application fee of R200.00 for South Africans, R470.00 for applicants from a SADC country, or US$146 for applicants from a non-SADC country. This fee is non-refundable, and deposits are to be made out to “University of KwaZulu-Natal.” Please note that payment of the deposit does not signify acceptance onto the programme – it merely allows the Research and Higher Degrees Officer to capture applicants’ information and to begin processing further internal documentation. If applicants are applying for more than one programme (where permissible) they only need to make one application payment, however, they should include the proof of payment with both applications submitted.

Referee reports

In the Discipline of Psychology Application Form 2022, applicants are asked to nominate three referees (at least one academic) and to provide their contact details. It is each applicants’ responsibility to invite referees to serve as referees for their application for professional psychology training at UKZN in 2022. Applicants should provide their three referees with the relevant link below and invite them to complete a reference report for them. Applicants must advise their referees which category and campus they are applying for as referees will need this information when completing the referee report. Each referee should only complete one referee report per applicant before 12h00 on Friday, 30 July 2021. Duplicate referee reports (i.e., the second report completed) by a referee for the same applicant will be disregarded. Selected referees will be contacted to verify information they have provided on applicants.

“UKZN students who are unable to provide copies of original degree certificates and/or academic records from UKZN with their masters applications may include copies of their degree e-certificates, proof of being degree complete by the College office, and screen shots of their academic results from Student Central in their applications. All applicants are reminded that if their application is successful, they will need to supply original certified copies of all documents before registration will be permitted.”

The Selection Process

Following receipt of applications, a review is done of all complete applications. This review considers a range of factors for suitability for the relevant master’s programme, including academic results, relevant experience, language competence, referees’ reports, research interests and knowledge of the profession. Following the review, applicants will either be invited to (i.e., shortlisted for) a selections process or informed that their application was unsuccessful. Due to the large number of applications received, feedback on individual applications cannot be provided.

In accordance with COVID regulations at UKZN, all selection procedures will take place online and will follow existing selection policies and procedures. Should applicants be invited to the selections process, selections will take place on a set date via an online meeting platform (e.g., Zoom). The selections will involve some group exercises and individual interviews. Applicants should keep checking the UKZN psychology departments’ websites for updated information. It is each shortlisted applicant’s responsibility to ensure that they can participate in the online selections process.

If selected for their chosen programme, applicants must have completed an honours degree in psychology by the time of admission to the master’s degree. Successful applicants may also not be registered for any other degree at UKZN (or any other higher education institution) at the time of admission to the master’s degree.

Selected applicants are advised that it is their own responsibility to obtain details on fee structure and accommodation, as these are not managed by the Discipline of Psychology.

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